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Researching Judges, Law Firms, and Lawyers

A guide to the tools available to Northeastern University Law Students wishing to research judges, law firms, and lawyers.

Process for Researching Judges

The court's website will generally provide biographical and contact information about judges.

Additional biographical information is available from:

  • American Bench, accessible here, a comprehensive directory of state and federal judges with extensive work history information.
  • BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, available on Bloomberg Law, which contains contact information (telephone, sometimes email) for judges and other important courthouse figures, including court clerks, court administrators, and official reporters.
  • Further information about federal judges may be found in the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, available on Westlaw, a venerable publication combining biographical information about federal judges with anonymized comments from lawyers, e.g.: "She won't cut you off; she'll allow you to be heard but she's not swayed by nonsense.

‚ÄčConsiderable information about a judge's rulings and experience may be obtained from the litigation analytics tools provided by each of the major commercial research services.

Other judicial directories of interest