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Job Search: law firms, judges, etc.

A guide to the tools available to Northeastern University Law Students wishing to research judges, law firms, and lawyers.

Law Firm Profiles

  • VAULT - a law firm directory designed to help prospective employees decide if a firm will be a good fit. Firm profiles include news, a Vault-authored firm profile, and a pitch from the firm. Vault's focus is on firm culture. 
  • ABOVE THE LAW'S LAW FIRM DIRECTORY - a crasser, gossipier version of Vault. Compensation and firm profitability are given pride of place, as are anonymized "insider" reviews, e.g.: "Our firm has an unwritten 'no jerks' policy."
  • Chambers and Partners – law firm information provided by firms, but also including Chambers-provided information about practice departments and the superstar lawyers in those departments.

Judicial Profiles

The court's website will generally provide biographical and contact information about judges.

Additional biographical information is available from:

  • American Bench, accessible here, a comprehensive directory of state and federal judges with extensive work history information.

Other judicial directories of interest

Individual Attorneys

"Profilers" - considerable information about a law firm's litigation activity, a litigator's practice, and a judge's rulings may be obtained from the litigation analytics tools provided by each of the major commercial research services. Of the three analytics tools, Westlaw Profiler generally has the best information about individual lawyers connects lawyer profiles with litigation analytics.

​​​​​​Directory of Corporate Counsel (Westlaw)

Doing Your Own Research

American Lawyer Media Publications generally cover the law practice beat. They provide gossip and professional development news. ALM publications are available on

  • Bloomberg: All Legal Content > US Secondary Sources > ALM Media
  • Lexis: Content > Legal News > ALM Media