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Fee-Based U.S. Legal Research Databases: Casemaker

This guide is created based on the research guide I have updated in NYU Globalex. It describes several providers of legal research databases, focusing on fee-based sources, both high-cost and low-cost


Since 1999, Casemaker has provided attorneys with affordable access to quality legal research.   


What Casemaker Offers

Casemaker’s federal library includes: Bankruptcy Opinions, Circuit Opinions, C.F.R., the Constitution, Court of Appeals - Armed Forces, Court of Appeals - Veteran’s Claims, Court of Claims, Court of International Trade, District Court Opinion, Federal Court Rules, Federal Rules Decisions, Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation, NTSB Decisions, Public Laws, Supreme Court Opinions, Tax Court, and the U.S. Code.  The state libraries vary between states, but for many states, includes: Session Laws, Administrative Code, the Bar Journal, Case Law, the Constitution, Ethics Opinions, State Court Rules, and the Code.


Casemaker offers a Google-like search engine, a multiple library search, client and subject matter folders, and accurate citation services.  Casemaker+, an optional service, provides a citator, case alerts for new appellate court decisions within 24 hours, and a brief analyzer that will scan your brief and automatically create a table of authority while indicating whether cites have any negative treatments.



Monthly and annual subscription costs are listed here, and vary by state.  Casemaker is provided for free through many participating state and local bar associations including Massachusetts.

Law students and faculty are now able to access CasemakerX designed soely for them.

The following is an instroductional advertisement provided by Casemaker:

Students and faculty have access to Casemaker for their online legal research which includes our subscription products of CaseCheck+ and CasemakerDigest all at no cost.  CaseCheck+ is a negative citator service that rivals West and Lexis.  You will know instantly if the case you are reading is still good law.  CasemakerDigest is a case alert product that provides a first look into the most recent decisions published by the appellate courts.  CaseCheck+ is new in Casemaker and is not yet available in all states.

Now we are excited to introduce you to the new and improved Casemaker.  The New Casemaker has been completely updated to give you state-of-the-art search capabilities and much more!  Sign up for an online webinar today -


Inside Casemaker are impressive new features:

·         Get faster search results with a more intuitive interface

·         Personalized search history, save and reuse your research

·         Save research in folders organized your way.


A Universal Search Bar

The Casemaker search bar appears at the top of every page for your convenience. You can use simple queries or enter complex search language, whichever you prefer. Once the results are delivered, Casemaker offers intuitive filters to help you further narrow your results.


·         Before you start your search quickly select your preferred venue(s) to narrow your search to the state(s) and/or federal libraries you wish to search. Casemaker saves your settings and search history for future visits.

·         Results appear almost instantly and show you a preview of the two most relevant documents for each collection (cases, statutes, administrative codes, etc.). Click on the desired collection to limit the results.

·         In addition, the ‘Search within Your Search’ allows you to drill down to further refine your search.



The New Casemaker is loaded with organizational features that make it more than just a research library with a fast search engine.


·         You can create individual folders to store your research, and they can be renamed, reorganized, or deleted with just a few clicks. 

·         With its notes feature, Casemaker makes it possible to write, post, and save notes directly to cases as you review them.

·         Create client or topical folders to organize your research for future reference.



Casemaker helps you consolidate your work in one convenient location.


·         The search capabilities make the wide range of libraries easily accessible and additional features such as “citation references,” “search history,” and “Most Used Collections” make Casemaker the one-stop location for all your research.

·         Track the time you spend researching by client

·         Create client billings.  Simply select a client and all of your research time will be associated with this.

After you log in to CasemakerX, you now see that there are three boxes to choose from.  The first box is the New Casemaker, the second box is Casemaker 2.2 which is the one you have been using and third box is CasemakerDigest.   Casemaker 2.2 will only be available for another month and then it will be removed from the site.  The first time that you log in to the New Casemaker, you will need to create a password.  This will allow Casemaker to recognize you on subsequent visits so the new personalized features are available to you.  Anytime you have problems or questions, please contact customer support at  They are always happy to assist you.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to note a few reminders about CasemakerX:

·         Access to CasemakerX is only available to law school students and faculty and only through their school email address of

·         Access for students is continued during the summer and 3 months after graduation.

·         Access is available to all 50 state libraries and the District of Columbia as well as a very robust federal library.  Each state library at a minimum has access to case law, state codes and constitution.