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Sex Trafficking, Sex Workers, and the Law: Primary Sources

This guide is for Northeastern University law students researching issues related to sex trafficking, sex workers, and the law.


These databases all contain court opinions, also known as case law.  You can find decisions relevant to your topic by using relevant keywords to conduct both basic and advanced searches.  For additional databases, consult the Law Library's A-Z Databases List.  Some useful keywords are: sex trafficking, prostitution, sex industry, sex workers, FOSTA-SESTA, and legislation.

Data and Statistics

Data and statistics can be useful for supporting arguments by providing concrete and primary source evidence.  The following websites are rich sources of information.

Legislative Resources

Legislative documents are comprised of a wide range of reports, laws, and hearings.  Check out the sources listed below for statutes, legislative histories, and more.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) often publish reports and studies about a wide variety of topics, including human rights and criminal justice matters.  Check out the NGOs listed below for resources related to sex trafficking, the sex work industry, and the law.