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Child Law: Child Support

This guide includes resources for researching issues such as child abuse, children's rights, confidentiality of minors and other related topics.

Calculating Support

State Specific Sources

Enforcing Child Support Orders

  • George L. Blum, Annotation, Validity, Construction, and Application of State Statutes Providing for Revocation of Driver's License for Failure to Pay Child Support, 30 A.L.R. 6th 483 (2008). [Westlaw] [Lexis]

This annotation provides much detail about the revocation procedure for lack of child support in many jurisdictions. While not a 50-state survey, this is the most comprehensive single source on the topic. Note that while the original annotation was published in 2008, it is regularly updated.

  • Revocation of Professional Licenses for Failure to Pay Support, 0080 SURVEYS 6 (2018) [Westlaw]

This 50-state survey looks at the topic of professional license revocation. Driver's license revocation is included in a number of these statutes as well.

Social Science Perspectives

It may be useful to look beyond law to see how other disciplines study child support enforcement, and how laws effect different communities. 

Child Support can be a difficult topic to search with keywords. One good strategy is to find a relevant article, and see which articles cite it. With law journal articles, this can be done with KeyCite or Shepards. With a journal from a social science discipline, use the Social Science Citation Index.

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Federal Enforcement

The Office of Child Support Enforcement, a part of the Department of Health and Human Resources, oversees the national child support program. They primarily work with state and local agencies. They also collect much data about child support nationally.