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Contract Law: Cases, Statutes and Regulations



The Uniform Commercial Code is a body of model legislation governing commercial transactions. The UCC has been adopted in some form by all 50 states and Washington, DC.  To find a state's version of the UCC, check its legislative code (look in the index for UCC).

For further information on the UCC, see this guide's UCC page.


State and federal jurisdictions have also codified various other aspects of contract law, such as those relating to consumer protection and government contracts.  Legislative codes are available in annotated (containing editorial notes and research references) and unannotated (text of the law only) versions. 

Each federal and state code set has an index.  To locate relevant statutes, choose one of the annotated codes and search its index for your keywords.  



         Also available online at GPO's FdSys (free)

         Also available on WestlawNext

         Also available on Lexis and Lexis Advance


To find statutory codes for individual states, visit Lexis or Westlaw. Current, official, unannotated versions may also be found on state legislatures' websites. 

The Law Library has some state codes in print.  Check Scholar OneSearch or ask a librarian.

Massachusetts' code may be found here:

         Also available (unofficially) online from the Mass. Legislature

         Also available on Westlaw and WestlawNext

         Also available on Lexis and Lexis Advance

For comparative state laws on contracts, consult:

          Available via HeinOnline (research database)

Case Law



  • Digests may be used to locate cases in state reporters.  Some states have their own digest, others use a regional digest, and some have both.  Ask a librarian for assistance. 
  • Lexis, Lexis Advance, Westlaw and Westlaw Next also have case law databases for each state.

** Be sure to update your case law research by checking pocket parts in back of print reporter volumes, and using a citator like Shepard's (Lexis) or KeyCite (Westlaw) to ensure your case is still good law **



Also available online via GPO's FDsys (free, annual edition as it appears in print), e-CFR (free, unofficial, updated frequently) and on Westlaw, WestlawNext, Lexis and Lexis Advance


Massachusetts regulations may be found here:

Also available via the Social Law Library (Legal Research database), Westlaw, WestlawNext, Lexis and Lexis Advance

Other state administrative codes may be found on Lexis and Westlaw.