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Constitutional Law and American History: Treatises

This research guide provides a starting point for students conducting research in American constitutional law. It will address how to find the United States Constitution and the secondary sources discussing it.

Treatises, Hornbooks and Nutshells

Treatises are in-depth treatments of a legal subject written by scholars in the field. Consult them at any stage in your research -- whether you're looking for an overview of the subject or detailed analysis of a particular point of law.  Pay attention to the footnotes for references to other sources, both primary and secondary.  Identify them by their "_____ on _______" titles.

Hornbooks are shorter treatises written with law students and practitioners in mind.

Nutshells are brief, handy overviews of an area of law.  Pick one up when you want a quick introduction to a subject, or use as a reference or study guide.

Other Books

Most print resources on Constitutional Law can be found between KF 4500 to KF 4600 in the Library Stacks and on reserve. Checking the catalog will also help find more information. The following list of subject headings may prove helpful:

Constitutional law -- United States.

Constitutional history.

Constitutional history -- United States.

Constitutional law -- United States -- States.


Constitutional amendments.

Constitutional law -- United States -- Cases.

Constitutional history -- United States -- Sources.

Civil rights.

Human rights.

United States. Constitution.

United States. Constitution. 1st-10th Amendments.

United States Constitutional Law.

United States Constitutional Law Amendments.