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Mobile Apps for Lawyers: Presentations



Haiku Deck creates stunning visual presentations, pullingup images for use in your presentations based on on the text you enter. Be warned, though, that this isn't your best bet if you need to share a lot of written information. Available on iPad
Keynote is a piece of presentation software that you might already be familiar with if you have a Mac, making the transition to creating presentations on an iPad easier. Apple's answer to PowerPoint, this is the most vanilla of iPad presentation apps. At the same time, this is also probably the most feature-rich of the presentation apps, allowing you many customization options and the power to create detailed charts and graphs.  Available on iPhone and iPad$
Prezi can be an exciting change of pace if you've grown tired of watching and preparing standard PowerPoints. Instead of slides, Prezi helps you map your information, linking related images and ideas across one giant field that you traverse with your audience as you give your presentation. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android


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