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Faculty: Law Library Services: Liaisons

Liaison Assignments by Librarian

Scott Akehurst-Moore
Senior Law Librarian:
Collection Development
Academic & Student Affairs
Academic Success Program
Adler, Libby
Baker, Brook
Beletsky, Leo
Center for Health Policy & Law
Center for Public Interest Advocacy & Collaboration (CPIAC)
Chapman, Rebecca
Daynard, Richard
Director of Bar Admission Programs
Dunkley McCoy, Victoria
Emeritus Faculty
Global Law
Graduate Certificate in Health Law
Hackney, James
Hartung, Stephanie 
Haupt, Claudia
Holohan, Wallace
Illingworth, Patricia
Johnson, Deborah
Kahn, Jonathan
Klare, Karl
Kukas, Kandace
Leahy, Stefanie
LLM & International Programs
Madison, Kristin
Mallory, Carol
Medwed, Daniel
Meise, Xander
Meltsner, Daniel
NU Law Review
Parmet, Wendy

Paul, Jeremy
Poverty Law and Practice Clinic
Prisoners' Rights Clinic
Public Health Advocacy Institute
Ramirez, Deborah
Rolland, Sonia E.
Rowan, James
Social Science Research Network (SSRN) 
Subrin, Stephen
Swanson, Kara
Visiting Scholars
Williams, Lucy
Williams, Patricia
Zoltek-Jick, Rose
Craig Eastland
Senior Law Librarian:
Law Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Bloom, Elizabeth
Breckenridge, Lee
Brownell, Alfred (visiting scholar)
Burnham, Margaret
Center for Co-op & Career Development
Center for Law, Innovation, and Creativity (CLIC)
Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ)
Community Business Clinic
​Danielsen, Dan
Davis, Martha

Dean’s Suite – Data
Digital Repository Service (DRS)

Director of Employer Outreach

Director of Online/Hybrid Programs

Domestic Violence Institute (DVI)

Drew, Melinda

Duffly Fernande

Dyal-Chand, Rashmi

Enrich, Peter
Fray, Julian

Graduate Certificate in Human Rights Law

Gundavaram, Hemanth

Hahn-Dupont, Margaret

Haile, Andrew
Hartzog, Woodrow

Immigrant Justice Clinic

Jacoby, Bruce


Kelley, Melvin

Knowles, Elizabeth
Lindauer, Margo

Master of Legal Studies
Montgomery, Susan B.

Nicholson, Jared

Noveck, Beth Simone
Phillips, David

Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE)
Program on the Corp., Law & Global Society
Richardson, Rashida
Robinson, Hilary

Rosenbloom, Rachel
Rowan, James

Saito, Blaine
Sills, Ira

Spieler, Emily

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) 

Waldman, Ari
Woo, Margaret

Yuille, Lua Kamal

A-Z List of Faculty, Departments and Programs


 Faculty, Department or Administrator Librarian
 Academic &   Student Affairs  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Academic Success
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Adjunct Faculty  Craig Eastland
 Adler, Libby  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Baker, Brook  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Beletsky, Leo  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Bloom, Elizabeth  Craig Eastland
 Breckenridge, Lee  Craig Eastland 
 Brownell, Alfred (visiting
 Craig Eastland 
 Burnham, Margaret  Craig Eastland
 Center for Co-op &   Career Development  Craig Eastland
 Center for Health Policy
 & Law
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Center for Law,   Innovation & Creativity  Craig Eastland
 Center for Public
 Interest Advocacy &   Collaboration
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Chapman, Rebecca Scott Akehurst-Moore
 Civil Rights &   Restorative Justice   Project  Craig Eastland
 Community Business
 Craig Eastland
 Danielsen, Dan  Craig Eastland 
 Davis, Martha  Craig Eastland 
 Daynard, Richard  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Dean's Suite - Data  Craig Eastland
 Digital Repository
 Craig Eastland
 Director of Bar
 Admission Programs
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Director of Employer
 Craig Eastland

 Director of
 Online/Hybrid Programs

 Craig Eastland

 Domestic Violence 

 Craig Eastland
 Drew, Melinda  Craig Eastland
 Duffly, Fernande  Craig Eastland
 Dunkley McCoy, Victoria Scott Akehurst-Moore
 Dyal-Chand, Rashmi  Craig Eastland
 Emeritus Faculty  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Enrich, Peter  Craig Eastland
 Fray, Julian  Craig Eastland
 Global Law   Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Graduate Certificate in
 Health Law
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Graduate Certificate in
 Human Rights Law
 Craig Eastland
 Gundavaram, Hemanth  Craig Eastland
 Hackney, James  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Hahn-Dupont, Margaret  Craig Eastland
 Haile, Andrew  Craig Eastland
 Hartung, Stephanie        Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Hartzog, Woodrow  Craig Eastland
 Haupt, Claudia  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Holohan, Wallace  Elliott Hibbler
 Illingworth, Patricia  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Immigrant Justice Clinic  Craig Eastland
 IP CO-LAB  Craig Eastland
 Jacoby, Bruce  Craig Eastland
 JDFlex  Craig Eastland
 Johnson, Deborah   Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Kahn, Jonathan  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Kelley, Melvin  Craig Eastland
 Klare, Karl  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Knowles, Elizabeth  Craig Eastland
 Kukas, Kandace  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Leahy, Stephanie  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Lindauer, Margo  Craig Eastland
 LLM & Int'l Programs  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Madison, Kristin  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Mallory, Carol  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 MangiaficoLiliana  Craig Eastland
 Master of Legal Studies  Craig Eastland
 Medwed, Daniel  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Meise, Xander  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Meltsner, Michael  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Montgomery, Susan B.  Craig Eastland
 Nicholson, Jared  Craig Eastland
 NULawLab  Craig Eastland
 NU Law Review  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Parmet, Wendy  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Paul, Jeremy     Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Phillips, David  Craig Eastland
 PHRGE  Craig Eastland
 Poverty Law & Practice
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Prisoners' Rights Clinic     Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Program on the Corp.,
 Law & Global Society
 Craig Eastland 
 Public Health Advocacy
 Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Ramirez, Deborah  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Richardson, Rashida  Craig Eastland
 Robinson, Hilary  Craig Eastland
 Rolland, Sonia E.  Craig Eastland 
 Rosenbloom, Rachel  Craig Eastland 
 Rowan, James  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Saito, Blaine  Craig Eastland
 Sills, Ira  Craig Eastland
 Spieler, Emily  Craig Eastland
 Social Science   Research Network   (SSRN)   Scott Akehurst-   Moore and   Craig Eastland
 Subrin, Stephen  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Swanson, Kara  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Visiting Scholars  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Waldman, Ari  Craig Eastland
 Williams, Lucy  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Williams, Patricia  Scott Akehurst-   Moore
 Woo, Margaret  Craig Eastland
 Yuille, Lua Kamal  Craig Eastland
 Zoltek-Jick, Rose  Scott Akehurst-   Moore