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Faculty: Law Library Services: Spreading the Word


The Social Science Research Network, or SSRN, provides a free place for scholars to share working papers. Depending on the agreement with the publisher, pre-publication versions of accepted papers may also be published on SSRN.

Choosing when to post an article online is difficult. One the one hand, getting your ideas into the scholarly conversation as soon as possible stakes your intellectual territory. On the other hand, readers will be seeing a version of the article without refinement that comes from the editing and publishing process.

Note that while access to individual papers is free, and posting is free, SSRN is a commercial publisher owned by Elsevier. 

SSRN also has a service where paper abstracts are organized into subject-specific eJournals, and emailed to subscribers. Most subject-specific eJournals require a paid subscription to receive, while school-specific eJournals, like NUSL's, is free. To subscribe, you need to log into SSRN. The Law Library does not manage individual SSRN accounts; to recover your password, go to, click on “Forgot Password,” and use you school email address. 

The Northeastern University School of Law Public Law & Legal Theory Research Paper Series in SSRN provides access to faculty working papers, accepted papers and published papers, which are distributed in the law school's monthly SSRN eJournal. 

Contact Craig Eastland for help in subscribing to eJournals or posting your article.

Hein Online Author Profiles & ORCID

The academic legal research platform Hein Online automatically creates a profile page for every author whose publications appear in its databases. Hein's Law Journal Library database contains the full text of over 3,000 law journals, generally back to the first issue. Author profiles are updated automatically when new scholarship is published.

Non-legal publications are not captured. Faculty who have published non-legal scholarship should contact Craig Eastland about using ORCID to add non-legal publications to their Hein profile.