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General Information

Canvas, LexisNexis Web Courses, and TWENare electronic extensions of the classroom.  You can set up discussion forums, audio files, post announcements, post or receive assignments, link to cases or other materials available through the services or on the web, link to CALI lessons, run quizzes, etc.  Below is some information about each system.  If you have any questions, please


Canvas is Northeastern University's own online system for posting, creating and managing courses.  The Canvas course roster is automatically maintained from the registrar's class list.  The University has a Canvas Support page featuring guides, tutorials, training opportunities, and tips. 

Contact Information Technology Services for more information:

Phone: (617) 373-4357(xHELP)

LexisNexis Web Courses

The LexisNexis Web Courses system is Lexis' own version of the Blackboard Learning System. Below are basic instructions for creating and managing a LexisNexis Web Course. 

Web Courses At-a-Glance (opens as PDF)
Faculty User Manual (opens as PDF)
Call 1- 800-45-LEXIS (53947)

To create a LexisNexis Web Course:
   1. Sign on to
   2. Click on the "Web Courses" tab, then "Creation/Deletion Form"
   3. At the next page, you will be prompted to select a Course Subject Area, name your Course Title, enter a Start Date, enter an End Date, and indicate the Number of Students; after making your selections, click on the Save button.


The West Education Network (TWEN) is a popular option available at NUSL for providing course materials online. TWEN enables faculty to quickly and easily create and manage courses online, access and post course materials in document pages, create assignments that your students can receive and submit, organize and participate in class forum discussions, administer online quizzes, exchange e-mails with other professors and students, and more.


TWEN questions: 1-800-486-4876 or email
All NUSL faculty may create a TWEN page by logging into TWEN with their Westlaw password and clicking Create New Course.