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Statistics Research for Lawyers: Visualizing Data


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II.     Where to Start?
III.    Subject Specific Resources
        i.      Business & Economics
        ii.     Criminal Justice & Public Safety
        iii.    Education
        iv.    Health & Environment
        v.     History & Government Affairs
        vi.    Immigration & Int'l Affairs
        vii.   Labor & Employment
IV.    Visualizing Data

SimplyMap: A Visualization Tool

Northeastern students have access to SimplyMap, a tool for visualizing statistical information for a geographic region. Data available for visualization includes census data, consumer price index, retail sales data, and quality of life data, among others. You must create an account to access SimplyMap, and instructions for access can be found here:

Here's an example. Who knew Brookline had so many philatelists and numismatists?



CrimeReports is a free website that allows users to see locations of reported criminal activity on a map. See below for an example.