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Statistics Research for Lawyers: Business, Economics and Energy


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II.     Where to Start?
III.    Subject Specific Resources
        i.      Business & Economics
        ii.     Criminal Justice & Public Safety
        iii.    Education
        iv.    Health & Environment
        v.     History & Government Affairs
        vi.    Immigration & Int'l Affairs
        vii.   Labor & Employment
IV.    Visualizing Data

Business Resources

If you're interested in business related statistics and data, Northeastern provides access to a variety of databases and websites. Please click here for a full list of Business and Management related databases available. Here are just a few examples:

Federal Government agencies also provide information on corporations and businesses:

  • FDIC Bank Data & Statistics: Provides banking data and statistics.
  • IRS Corporation Source BookProvides historical tax data on corporations, broken down by industry, income, and year. Data is available from 2000.
  • IRS Tax Stats: Provides tax data and statistics for corporations, non-profits, and individuals. Published online four times a year, this resource contains a wide variety of historical tax data.

Economics Resources

If you're looking for national and international economics statistics and data, please see the following websites:

Energy Resources

There are several good sources for energy usage and consumption statistics:

Books available at NU Libraries

More Resources

If you'd like more resources on these topics, please see these LibGuides made by Snell Library: