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Statistics Research for Lawyers: Labor and Employment


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Labor and Employment

For Labor statistics and data, please see:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: This website from the Federal Government provides access to a wide-ranging amount of employment and labor related statistics, including information on unemployment, productivity, and inflation, among many others. This site also provides historical data for comparison, and compiles reports created by regional offices with region, state, and city specific information. 
  • Labor and Workforce Development Data/Statistics: Provides access to employment, unemployment, and wage statistics for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Users can access data, broken down by quarter, geographic units, and industry. The website also provides access to employment and wage projections.
  • The School of Law Library Reference Collection contains the four most recent copies of the annual Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics : Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data, available at School of Law Library Reference (HD8051.H36). 
  • For historical labor data and statistics, please see The First Hundred Years of the Bureau of Labor Statistics by Joseph P. Goldberg and William T. Moye, available online and at School of Law Library Stacks (HD8064.2.G65 1985)

For data and statistics on Veteran's Affairs, please see:

  • Veteran's Services, Statistics and Population Data: This site provides extensive data and statistics about the state of the American Veteran population. It includes information on geographic disbursement, money spent for Veteran's issues, and what services provided are being utilized by Veterans. Data can be broken up by geographic area, wars fought, and other demographic categories. 
  • National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics: This site provides information about Veterans living in Massachusetts. Of particular note, this site features a section of female veterans in Massachusetts. 

For data and statistics on Poverty, please see:

  • UC Davis Center for Poverty Research: The Center for Poverty Research compiles data relating to poverty and provides access to it on their website. Available are the number of people living in poverty for states, large metropolitan areas, as well as estimates for smaller geographic areas. The site also provides information on what constitutes living in poverty and how poverty is measured. 

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