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Center for Health Policy and Law - Health Law and Jobs: Introduction

An overview of Health Law, with references for prospective and current Northeastern Students interested in Health Law

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Getting Started

Introduction to Health Law

Health law in the United States is created at both the federal and state level through statutes, regulations, executive orders, and case law. Federal and state administrative agencies play a key role in developing and delivering health care services. Health law incorporates many areas of law including administrative, taxation, insurance, contracts and torts.

Navigating health law is complex, and can be challenging for researchers. It might be useful to begin with secondary sources which will provide background information and serve as a guide to the most relevant cases, statutes and regulations.

Typical sub-areas of Health Law include:

  • Bioethics
  • Cannabis
  • Global Health
  • History of Medicine
  • Hospital Law
  • Insurance
  • Medical Device Law & Industry
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Pharmaceutical Law & Industry
  • Public Health Care Policy
  • Public Health Care Reform

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